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Welcome to our blog

Passionate about cooking, we would like to share our tips and advice with you all. Moreover, we support local producers and we want to keep the local market alive.

Cooking is a way to express yourself, to please others while having fun. It’s a way to experiment new things and discover new products. Browse the local markets, meet the producers in your area and cook with their products.

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Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

As we told you, we love to showcase the products of local producers. Fresh products are much better for your health and taste.

Delicious ravioli

Italian cuisine, renowned for its flavor and simplicity of realization, still proves its exception with this ravioli recipe.

Now it’s up to you!

Avocado toast

Simple, tasty, and very good for the health, the avocado is a very famous food, as well for its taste as for its composition.

This recipe based on toast, crushed avocado and fresh cheese is a delight!

Grilled corn

Originally from Australia, this colorful dish is as good as it is beautiful!

Easy to make, this dish will please young and old alike.



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