Over the years, the hospitality industry has embraced numerous changes, therefore yielding a lot of growth. The objective has always been to enhance the experience of the customers. One of the areas where a substantial degree of attention is paid is in the catering sector. Most of us, if not all, are particularly conscious of how the food we consume has been handled and delivered to us. 


Electro Calorique is a highly acclaimed company that has effectively capitalized on this and has been manufacturing tools used in the distribution of food, like the trolley erg 127. However, the trolley ERG 127 is just one among the many different types of catering trolleys produced by Electro Calorique. In addition to this, they also produce crates, trays, and dishes that equally play an essential role in food delivery logistics.


Users Of Food Distribution Equipment


In the catering sector, logistics mainly comprises the mode in which food will be transferred from the point of production to the location where it will be consumed. As such, there is equipment that needs to be employed when meals are being distributed to their final users. This is where the trolleys, trays, dishes, and crates come in. Here are some of the premises that rely heavily on this equipment:


  1. Hotels – Especially for room service, guests have their meals delivered to them by the attendants, using trolleys and trays. Movement from one room to another while getting in and out of elevators is easy when food has been carried in a trolley. The same also applies to other establishments that offer accommodation and where food is part of the package. An example is motels.
  2. Hospitals – It is common practice for hospitals to provide food for their admitted patients. This includes breakfast, lunch, supper, and any other meal that patients may require in between. It is convenient for the food to be distributed using equipment like trolleys and collective dishes.
  3. Prisons – Most prisons have a relatively high population of inmates. Distributing food to all of them can be quite tedious when done conventionally. Such establishments have embraced the use of food distribution equipment such as trays since it consumes less time and labor.
  4. Homes – For families that enjoy hosting large numbers of people, trolleys come in handy when distributing food. If multiple people need to be served all at once, then using trolleys and trays is ideal since the equipment can carry many plates at a go. In addition to this, it is an efficient strategy especially when there is quite a distance between where the food has been prepared and the point where the guests are.


What Are the Advantages of Using Food Distribution Equipment?


Using equipment such as trays and trolleys yields the following benefits:


1.      A large quantity of food can be distributed at once


The trolleys have multiple compartments, allowing them to carry several plates of food at the same time. The trolleys come in different sizes but all the same, even the small ones have the capacity to serve a reasonable number of people at the same time.


2.      Hygiene


When food is carried in equipment like trolleys, it is properly shielded from elements that can contaminate it. When your food is retrieved from a clean compartment, you are assured that hygiene has been observed and barely any germs have gotten to your meal on its way there.


3.      Temperature maintenance


The trolleys and trays used to move the food, are made in such a way that they will regulate the food’s temperature. The materials used to produce them acts as an insulator, ensuring that the food does not lose heart.




With these products, Electro Calorique guarantees convenience in the logistics pertaining to the catering sector. It is worth noting that their equipment is very easy to use and with its top quality, barely any maintenance is required.